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Jay Daniel Cole

Jay Cole, Founder

July 1929 - June 2011

Jay founded Dallas Western Aviation, and established several mission works, including United Missionary Aviation and Missionary Tape & Equipment Supply. Moving to Arkansas in 1976 he founded Mission Service Supply, Mission Fellowship Bible Church and Save Our Nation, works which continue to the present.  More....

Our Heart

Here are the words of one who genuinely loved his Savior:
"It is my desire that professing Christians may be possessing Christians. To this end our Bible Study Cassettes and Helps Ministry are dedicated. Pray with us that Christ will be honored and glorified through this mission. Christ is pleading, 'GO NOW into all the world and preach the Gospel.' I truly believe our days of service are few and our Lord is coming soon. I long to hear, 'Well done good and faithful servant... Enter into the joy of your Lord.'"

Christian, cassettes, Bible study, helps ministry, Christ, Go now into all the world, our Lord is coming soon


From the pen of Jay Cole

Jay Cole article archives and articles from contributing guests can be found here.  

Our History

 For almost 35 years we supplied cassette tape and duplicators at wholesale price to those who truly wanted to get involved in this type of ministry. We have helped hundreds of others around the world open lending libraries, and many of them have been instrumental in starting others in this wonderful method of getting the WORD out. Now we are concentrating our efforts primarily on the lending library, radio and TV and other methods of presenting the saving message of Christ as the Lord leads.  More...



Audio and Video Spots from 30 seconds to 5 minutes available free to all radio and TV stations.




4,000 Audio & Video Tapes and 150 Speakers For Study and Research

The oldest listing of sound Bible study tapes confined to known doctrinally sound teachers.

Our Beliefs


We believe the Bible is absolutely free from error. It is our sole authority in all matters of life and faith.


Salvation is by grace through faith alone based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who came to die for us as our substitute.


God offers you a free and complete pardon from your sins if you will accept by faith the Lord Jesus Christ as your substitute. You may become a child of God now by receiving Christ as your Savior. More...

Our Mission

1. Publishing a Christian political-action information newsletter.

2. Conducting training programs for prospective Christian political leaders.

3. Recruiting Christians to enter government leadership positions.

4. Organizing prayer groups committed to pray daily for political leaders.

5. Assisting state and local community groups in selecting and qualifying candidates with high moral standards for public offices.






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We essentially give our audio and video tapes away.
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