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Our Mission

    SAVE OUR NATION was developed to help defend our United States of America from it's most dreaded enemy, Secular Humanism, a religion by definition, and recognized as such by the Supreme Court. The cunning and twisted doctrines purported by the ACLU and other God haters has resulted in the ousting of the Biblical foundation on which our nation was established. While screaming about separation of church and state, our Supreme Court and most lower courts enthusiastically support the religion of Secular Humanism and its influence in our public schools and other tax supported institutions, thus violating their own distorted interpretation of the first amendment to our Constitution. Tragically, the greater percentage of professing Christians have refused to take a stand,

 so the enemy now controls the public schools, the government and most tax supported organizations.

The Activities of SAVE OUR NATION Consist of:
1. Publishing a Christian political-action information newsletter.
2. Conducting training programs for prospective Christian political leaders.
3. Recruiting Christians to enter government leadership positions.
4. Organizing prayer groups committed to pray daily for political leaders.
5. Assisting state and local community groups in selecting and qualifying candidates with high moral standards for public offices.
One of our founding board members is a retired newspaper editor with many years experience in evaluating political candidates and issues. He has an intense love for our Lord and our country, a superb combination to help achieve our goal of informing conservative believers and developing Christians for leadership roles.

Christian political leaders
About Our Finances
Your contributions for the maintenance of this ministry will be appreciated. Gifts are tax deductible. Make contributions to:

Mission Service Ministries
16261 Pin Oak Rd.
Fayetteville, Ark. 72704
(479) 443-2135























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Save Our Nation, 16261 Pin Oak Road, Fayetteville, AR 72704
Phone: (479) 443-2135

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