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Jay & Gladys Cole with their children
Jay & Gladys Cole and their children

Jay and Gladys Cole with the entire family

Jay Cole in Congressman Tim Hutchinson's office

Jay Cole in front of the Supreme Court

Jay Cole posing with a T6 like the one he once owned

Jay Jr. with the Scott children 

Jay Jr. landing at Naples, Florida with Houston Nutt,
UA Football coach, and family  in Kingair N300PE

How to start a B17 with a dead battery.
Jay Sr. at Confederate Air Force Display at Drake Field

Jay Sr. on Jay Jr.'s Motorcycle

Jay Sr. speeding on Jay Jr.'s ST-1100

Jay, taking radiation treatments
 at NARTI for small cancer

Sandra, Kelli and Amy,My "Angels of Mercy"
 the radiation girls at NARTI






























































































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